Fund raising

In order to create the Endowment to fund a full time music post and for the other activities that the Trustees think are necessary to fulfil our objectives, the Trust will be relying on Grants from external bodies, and from gifts and bequests from individuals and organisations who are sympathetic to the Trust's aims and objectives.

In the meantime, whilst this Endowment Fund is growing, we shall require funding for current expenditure in order to demonstrate our ability to make progress towards achieving these aims. This funding is held in our 'Open Fund'. There is an urgent need to re-robe the enlarged choir and to replace worn out music sets as well as to enlarge the existing sets to cut down on the need to share copies.

Individuals and organisations may wish to specify in which of these Funds they wish their contribution to be placed. In default they will be placed in the Endowment Fund.

It would be most beneficial to the Trust if those individuals who are tax payers sign a 'Gift Aid form' and send this to the Trust who will be able to claim back the basic rate tax from H.M. Customs and Revenue. At present this adds 25% to the value of the gift. You may download a copy of the Gift Aid Form here.


Bequests will be the principal source of funding to create the Endowment Fund. If the future of church music is important to you, please bear in mind the purpose of this Trust when making decisions about your will.

A legacy will help to secure the future of the musical contribution to the worship in our churches in Grantham. The musical education and training that young people in particular receive is of incalculable benefit to them for the whole of their lives.

It is most useful for Trustees to have bequests left for general use, but they may also be directed at specific areas of activity or interest.

Please contact one of the Trustees if you would like to discuss this idea.